We Make The Future Koselig1

1) koselig a warm, snug, and cozy feeling


What we stand for

  • Strategic partnerships
    Building relationships with innovative orgs where we can continually challenge each other.

  • Paradigm shift
    Showing security and privacy have measurable social and business value.

  • Future focus
    Finding and addressing root causes of long-term escalation of technical debt.

  • Transparent collaboration
    Transferring knowledge to build our client's capabilities and add value.

The team

Our team consist of people with different backgrounds, and deep security experience. We all have an ambition of improving our customers security through proven and scientific methods.

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Our Service Offerings

New technologies bring new opportunities, but also new risk exposure. We believe the real innovators—the most likely to succeed in transforming their organizations for the better—are those who will seize the opportunity to invest in their future by transforming their approach to security.

Does your security program deliver measurable value?

We help our clients with:

  • Security Strategy and Risk Management
  • Offensive Security Testing
  • Security Operations
  • Partner Integrations

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