Security Services

Nagarro Security provides technical, operational and strategic services for our clients, and work with multiple vendors. This means that we can provide our clients with support from the boardroom to the server rack, and provide everything from CISOs to penetration tests.

  • Strategic security services
  • Operational capability improvement
  • Technical and tactical

Strategic security services

We provide our clients with the competence and insight they need to establish and strengthen their security at a strategic level. Facilitated through current state assessments and quantitative methodology we aim to give our client the best possible premise for strategic decision-making, that incorporates strategic goal alignment with return on investments.

  • Conduct standards-based security current state assessment
  • Information security risk management supported by quantifiable data analysis
  • Benchmarking of Cyber risk, developing KPIs and monitoring
  • Cyber risk advisory

Operational capability improvement

We work closely with our clients to improve their existing solutions and processes, and to estalish new security solutions and processes to further enhance the operational security capabilities of the clients' organization. We do this by leveraging our consultants specializations and our best of breed partners.

  • Design and implement Vulnerability Management solutions
  • Design and implement Threat hunting and APT detection and response solutions ​
  • Design and implement Vendor Risk Management solutions
  • Design and implement Identity, consent and access management solutions​

Technical and tactical

We assist our clients with finding and closing down security vulnerabilities in their environments. Our certified cyber security consultants perform everything from Vulnerability Assessments to Red Team engagements and Security Architecture reviews.

  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Penetration testing
  • Security architecture and design review
  • Technical Security Audit
  • Red teaming
  • Identity and Access management (IAM) capability and maturity assessment


  • Cybereason
  • Tenable
  • Bitsight
  • Security Scorecard

Other partners

As a part of the larger Nagarro ecosystem, we can assist you with integrating the tools provided by our partners into your existing infrastructure, or help you build an integrated infrastructure to assist you in keeping on top of the growing cyber security threat landscape. Nagarro provides services around among other things AWS, Atlassian and Forgerock products. See the main Nagarro page for details.